Spark R&D Mr. Chomps Crampons for Blaze TR Split board Bindings


When the skin track gets icy and steep, drop in your Mr. Chomps Crampons. These are first class crampons for pin mount bindings. Lean forward to easily position your crampons under the touring pin and remove the same way. Pull up on the crampon riser to keep the full depth of teeth in the snow when using your long climbing wire. Crampons are essential for navigating ultra steep and slick conditions.

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Easy Installation and Removal:

Install and remove while skinning, without removing your bindings

Made for the Steeps:

Riser mounted on crampon keeps same depth of teeth in the snow when using long climbing wire.


Includes storage bag to protect other gear in your pack

Weight: 6.4 oz/ea (182g) – 12.8 oz/pr (364g) – Regular


What Else Do I Need? A Spit Board, Split Board Binding, Pucks, Split Board Skins, Black Diamond Compactor Poles all are essential when in touring mode and climbing the steeps to find the untracked lines that only come from “earning your turns”.  But, above all, remember, the backcountry wilderness is unforgiving.  There are all types of hazards that you need to be prepared for.  Having good gear like this only goes so far.  You will need a solid plan to avert a crisis. Preparation and experience will help you avoid potential injury and or even death.  Study up on the risks!  -DB


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