Spark R&D Spark Pucks for Split board Bindings


Channel-like stance adjustability for split-boards built with inserts. Believe it. This breakthrough in design has riders beyond stoked , and has made Spark Pucks our most popular split-board accessory.

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Aluminum Disks: The oversize aluminum center disk overlaps your boards binding channels giving your board maximum strength and rigidity.

Adjustability: You can adjust these pucks forward or backwards and side to side. Which ever way you feel comfortable you can adjust them until they’re just right for you.  Using these tight degrees of adjustments:

  • +/- 1/4 inch (6.5mm) of toe/heel adjustment in .5 inch (1.3mm) increments.
  • +/- 30° angle adjustments in 3° increments.
  • Stance width adjustments:  You can also adjust your bindings from tip to tail to dial in the position that works best for you in .17 inch (4.2mm) increments.

Superior Materials:

Bindings slide on soft nylon for effortless installation.   What Else Do I Need? A set of Spark R&D Split Board Summit Skins and Mr. Chomps Crampons to give you maximum traction when you’re in touring mode and Black Diamond Compactor Poles to assist you in climbing the steeps. Plus, don’t forget you need a solid plan. Make sure you Split board with your buddy or a group whenever possible and know the risks, assess the hazards properly and prepare for the worst case scenario!


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