Black Diamond Compactor Poles- adjustable climbing poles for Split boarding


Sturdy, adjustable-length, aluminum Touring Series climbing poles ideal for split boarding. Z-Pole functionality deploys in seconds and folds down to an ultra-compact and packable size for the ride down. Offers 20cm of adjustment for all conditions.


Usable Length:

  • Short: 41-48.8in (105-125cm)
  • Long: 44.9-52.7in (115-135cm)

Collapsed Length:

  • Short & Long: 16.3in (41.5cm)


  • Short: 1.38lb/pr (625g)
  • Long: 1.41lb/pr (640g)


  • One Pull – Speed Cone Deployment:  Simply grab the grip and the first shaft section, and pull them away from each other. The pole will snap into place and lock.
  • Locking Mechanism: The updated FlickLock design is the best pole-locking mechanism on the market: it’s secure, fast, and easy to use.
  • Grips: Touring Series grip with fluted interior for weight reduction. Integrated rubber grip extension
  • Straps: Touring Series strap with lightweight webbing and plastic ladder-lock buckle
  • Whammy Bar Friendly Baskets: 100 mm (4 in) Compact Powder Baskets with two-section pole capture

Pole Construction: 100% Aluminum


What Else Do I Need? Crampons help you when in touring mode and climbing the steeps.  The snow can be slick and Crampons are there to dig in like a cleat and grip the steep and slick surface.  You’re just putting the “icing on the cake” now.  But, remember, the backcountry wilderness is unforgiving.  Above all you have to be prepared for any and all situations to enjoy yourself and stay safe.  You will need a solid plan to avert a crisis.

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