Spitfire Formula Four 101D Lock Ins Skateboard Wheels, Natural (Set of 4)


Formula Four 99d Lock Ins – custom Spitfire graphic on a Lock Ins Shaped 101 durometer wheel made with Formula Four Urethane.


Unbeatable lasting performance SPITFIRE urethane. Fast as hell. Long lasting, abrasion resistance, smooth anti-stick slide with a controllable grip. Guaranteed.

Asymmetrical shape and design. Featuring a conical cut cut profile on one side and a straight edge “lock-in” cut on the other.

All of these are the perfect size for most types of riding.  99a durometer hardness, so, not quite as hard as they could be and are a little bit forgiving. Conical in shape which means that they are like a wheel which has hit it’s perfectly worn in sweet-spot, but, right out of the gate! -DB


NOTE: New wheels deserve new bearings.  Add bearings to your cart and specify in the notes when you check out if you would like me to press them in for you. 

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