163cm Weston Backcountry- Backwoods Carbon Splitboard Snowboard

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The Best Splitboard for: Trees, Steeps, Open Bowls + Long Tours. The Backwoods Carbon brings ultralight to a board hailed as one of the best splitboards created for its versatility in a freeride setting. Featuring a pow centric, Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker profile with a wide nose and narrow tail – the Backwoods Carbon will float effortlessly in powder and is nimble in tight trees.

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A carbon weave layup combined with a paulownia/aluminum core shaves weight and maintains pop/performance. The reduced weight will save you energy on the uphill while keeping the flex stiff enough, and the ride damp enough, to hold an edge through chatter and crud on the downhill or hammer that pow slash in deep snow. Meanwhile the graphite infused, Electra Sintered base, is fast enough to keep you on top all day long and we’ve changed to a full white, water-based, lacquer topsheet to help prevent snow and ice buildup on longer tours. As with many full carbon products, we want to be transparent in that optimizing for lightweight performance can sacrifice long-term durability – if you want an ultra-durable daily driver, check out the Backwoods Splitboard instead.

For the finishing touches on this splitboard, we use active latching Karakoram Ultraclips to help create as close to a solid board feel as possible and limit chatter between sections. Additionally, we design with camber underfoot so that you’ll have optimum skin traction for the uphill, and edge-hold on the downhill. A slight shift of the touring bracket forward to create a heavier tail also allows for ease of kick-turns in the skin track.




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