Landyachtz Surf Life Ocean Spray Surfskate Skateboard COMPLETE


The Surf Life has a wide nose with a healthy taper and deep kicktail for a retro 80s-inspired look. Mellow concave and a nice shape keep you locked in and feeling right at home. Slightly longer wheelbase than some of Landyachtz other Surfskates, the Surf Life is a board that punches above its weight and can rip the skatepark, hills, or handle those long cruises. This board is made to carve up anything that stands in its way.

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With 7-ply maple construction, this Surfskate features the same truck and wheel set-up as Landyachtz other Surf Skates. The Surf Life comes with Landyachtz patented Bear Banger Surf Skate front truck mounted to the nose, combined with a 130mm traditional Kingpin Polar Bear truck on the rear. This Combo has maximum turn and response and a stable, predictable ride. The wheels are a Surfskate specific 65mm Hawgs wheel with square lips and a glossy finish for insane amounts of grip. The Surf Life also comes with soft-top grip tape for maximum comfort. The graphic this year will blow you out of the water, featuring art by Chilli Thom.


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