120mm X 30mm Root Industries Pro Scooter Wheels- Lotus/ Raw (Set of2)


Root Industries, known for innovation and for propelling the market into the future, has done just that – again. The all-new Lotus Wheel is a creative masterpiece, and a quality product that is sure to turn some heads.

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The Lotus wheel comes with a beautifully-crafted “lotus” core, and high-quality urethane – standard on all Root Industries wheels. Lightweight while retaining durability, this wheel is sure to blow the minds of anyone who gives this product a chance.

As with all Root Industries products, the Lotus wheel has been tested by top riders around the world. With this level of beauty, and an immaculate ride to match, Root Industries Lotus wheels will – without a doubt – be a game-changer in the world of freestyle scootering.

NOTE:  You will need to have a deck and for that accept 30mm wheels and/ or spacers to upsize.  Email contact if you need help.


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