Envy Scooters AOSv5- Will Scott’s 4.9 X 20.5″ DECK


Ace of Spades- Version Five.

Some of the finest signature decks in the game!! Stacked with riders from around the globe with custom specifications, graphics and colourways for each rider.

This Versions line-up includes  Jon Reyes, Flavio Pesenti, Will Scott, Raymond Warner, Jonathan Perroni & Charles Padel . Each rider with 2 choices of size a deck for every style of riding ..The Choice is yours!!

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Will rides it ALL,originally considered a “Park Style rider now has developed in a heavy hitter in the street scene!! Expressing himself from his skill set acquired over years of riding in urban environments & public Spaces.

His deck is covered in a “Matte Midnight” colourway. Wrapped around base of his deck is his custom “Mandala X Skeleton” graphic. The graphic is a reflection of his personal interests and influences from various artists. The Mandala design was influenced by his sister’s original concepts and illustrations and his Skeleton design was combined from his ideas of what he wanted on his first signature product from many years ago. DREAM BIG!!

WIDTH-4.9 Inches/ 125mm

LENGTH- 20.5 Inches/ 520mm

HEADTUBE- 82.5 degrees

FOOT SPACE- 14.17 inches/ 360mm

WEIGHT- 3.6 Pounds/ 1.65kgs


Deck Length 520mm/20.5″
Deck Width 125mm/4.9″
Head Tube Angle 82.5
Color White, Blue, Purple, Gold, Exclusive


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