Stegga MINI Trampoline Pro trick Scooter COMPLETE- Black


This Stegga Mini complete trampoline scooter is a carbon copy of the Stegga V2 complete, shrunk down to cater for those younger shredders who want to perfect their tricks on the trampoline!

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We have heard the feedback from the community and have designed the deck to emulate a stunt scooter deck measuring between 17″ and 18.5″ in length, providing younger riders with a better experience than would be available to them on the full size V1 or V2 completes.

True Weight. True Size. True Response.

• Handlebar: Light Weight Aluminium Bar 20” x 18”
• Deck: 5.5” x 17.5” Stegga Arc Deck V2 (19.75” from front to back)
• Fork: Aluminium Bottom Locking Hidden Fork System (B-Lock HFS) IHC
• Headset: Neco IHC
• Clamp: Aluminium double clamp M6 thread
• Grips: Black Rubber Grips
• Grip Pad: Pre-fitted rubberised 5.5” x 14.5” grip pad.
• Complete Weight: 3.20kg / 7.05lbs

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