Landyachtz Drop Carve 40 Fox DECK




NOTICE: This is the DECK ONLY price.  If you would like me to assemble it as a complete, please, drop me an email or call me and I will personally assemble this as a complete for 199.99 with genuine 63mm Fattie Hawgs wheels and Calibur Trucks.  I will need to take your order for this by phone or email.  You may still use PayPal or Credit/ Debit card to pay.

The Drop Carve 40 is a symmetrical drop-through longboard measuring 40.2″ long and 9.7″ wide featuring two small kicktails that will let you explore terrain that is unreachable on most drop-through boards. This board is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple, giving it a comfortable, medium flex. Moderate concave and the low ride height make this board a great board to start feeling out some small hills and learning to slide on as well, making it a true all-rounder. The Drop Carve comes equipped with our flagship 50 degree 180mm grizzly Gen 6 trucks ideal for deep carves and confident cruising. This board runs the 63mm 78a Fatty Hawgs wheels to keep the weight down and make tricks a little easier.



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L: 40.2″ | W: 9.7″ | WB: 28″

A symmetrical drop-through with a little bit of flex and mini-kicktails never goes out of style. Carve your local hill, pop off a curb, push across town, bust out some freestyle tricks, the Drop Carve can handle whatever you throw at it. The Drop Carve 40 has a little extra standing platform, making it perfect for taller riders or people looking for a more stable ride.
100% Canadian Maple
Drop Thru
Low Concave


Playful Lively Progressive Practical


Agile Stable Responsive Surfy Low Springy


City Street Alley Path Beach Campus Hill


Every-Day Commuter Beer-Run Pusher CruiserCarver


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