Landyachtz GORDITO CREATURE Cruiser Skateboard COMPLETE


The Gordito is the over-sized street shape that you didn’t know you needed. You might recognize the artwork by Dirk Hays, we have used it on several occasions, and we thought the Gordito would be the perfect canvas for The Creature. Whether you’re a bigger rider tired of feeling cramped on smaller boards or just looking for a bigger platform to make riding on hectic terrain a little easier, give the Gordito a shot.

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Length: 35
Width: 10
Wheelbase: 17.5

Artist: Dirk Hays

Here we have a fine example of a big ol’ skateboard. This beast is 35 inches long by 10 inches wide. Whether you have big feet or just want the stability of a big board, this board will be right for you. We set the Gordito up with 180mm Polar Bear trucks, which match the width of the board nicely and provide tons of stability. The trucks have loads of real estate for coping, flat bars, ledges, and anything else you can get your grind on. It is a perfectly functional skateboard with a bit of extra meat on it, great for a surfy feel. The Gordito, is a great all-round setup with 63mm 78a EZ Hawgs for roll speed and slide-ability.

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