39″ DTF Flamingos Madrid Longboard COMPLETE


Madrid has been a leader in high end skateboards since way back.  The quality of construction on this complete long board is not surprising considering their rich history in board making.  The components on this set-up are top quality.  The drop-through mounting gives you a lower center of gravity for commuting, downhill and just enjoying a cruise.  All together, this complete will provide years and years of enjoyment for beginners to advanced riders!


NOTICE:  The Wheels on this model are PINK.  There are no blue wheels available at this time.  If you would like a picture please email the contact address and request one.

“A major influence that inspires me are all the Asian styles of craft work. The art is very meticulous and the artists pour their heart and soul into every piece, no matter how small it is. I base all of my animal characters off different symbols or gods found in Asian culture. My artworks are all vector base and are digitally made. It involves a lot of time to make but the result is that the work always looks clean and never pixelated.” -Artist Marc Clenn

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L: 39″  W: 9.75″  WB: 29″


  • USA Made
  • Drop-Down Concave
  • Top-Mount Or Drop-Thru Truck Mounting


  • Caliber II 10″ 50° Trucks
  • Cadillac 70mm/80A Cruisers
  • Cadillac High-Performance Bearings
  • Flypaper Griptape


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