Center Street Underpass Mural Application

Design & Content

Images should, by word or design:

1. Portray a positive image
2. Promote inclusiveness and build community
3. Observe the principles ofrespect, peace, tolerance, and trust.

Images may not, by word or design:

1. Portray racism, sexism or create a sexualized environment
2. Ridicule or promote intolerance toward any disability, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion
3. Promote violence or the use of weapons, alcohol or drugs
4. Contain abusive language
5. Contain personalized attacks on individuals
6. Contain trademarks, corporate logos or the use of any copy written information

Additional Considerations:

Clubs, associations, groups or organizations may use their paintings to create awareness of their existence.
Only low-odor Acrylic or Latex paint may be used.
Maximum mural dimensions are 4.5’x 6.5′
Any painting outside the assigned space and un-authorized content such as graffiti or hand or footprints, will be painted over and charged back to the applicant.
Authorized Period: 60 days from date of approval
The mural must contain the date of the painting (yyyy/mm/dd) in the lower right hand comer on the site.
*Design drawings must be submitted intact. Authorization is given for the design submitted by way of the drawing and written description. Your artwork is not to be modified in any way after authorization has been given.

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