Weston Backcountry- Switchback Splitboard Snowboard


The Best Splitboard for: Open Bowls, Glades + All Mountain


The Switchback is our dependable deck that is built to float in powder and maintain an edge on variable terrain, but doesn’t get too fancy with things and utilizes a standard poplar wood core. Poplar strikes the workhorse balance of dampening, pop and durability but runs a little heavier than some of our other options. The Switchback features a Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker profile that helps it stay afloat with a little reverse camber in the nose, while maintaining camber underfoot for pop and edgehold. This board is built to help you get past those initial barriers and out into the backcountry. 

For the finishing touches on this splitboard, we design with camber underfoot so that you’ll have optimum skin traction for the uphill, and edge-hold on the downhill. A slight shift of the touring bracket forward to create a heavier tail also allows for ease of kick-turns in the skin track.

Designed in Colorado, Manufactured at GP87
Artwork by: Henry Lai


Weston Backwoods Carbon Splitboard Spec Table and Sizing Charts

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