52mm 97a Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheels- Andy Anderson Nano Cubic Dragon Formula (Set of 4)


NanoCubics™ are inspired by and developed for Andy Anderson to help him expand his wide range of street, park and freestyle tricks on all terrains.

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NanoCubics feature the same classic design advantages, of the legendary Cubic and MiniCubic, re-conceived for today’s skating, and utilizing a special version of the new Dragon™ formula.

The NanoCubic’s offset design allows it to have the perfect shape for both inner and outer edges to skate a wider range of obstacles.  NanoCubics are smaller, lighter, and offset, so their large outer edge rolls up curbs, walls, and over cracks, and it covers your axle and nuts.  The inner edge locks onto rails but releases when you need to.

Andy’s NanoCubic is totally unique, bringing the best in wheel design and urethane formula together in one special wheel.



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