Dinghy Red Dragon Landyachtz Cruiser Skateboard COMPLETE


I’ll tell you like I tell everyone else.  A cruiser skateboard is what you get if a skateboard and a longboard got together and had a baby.  It’s the best of both worlds.  You have the small profile and kick tail of a skateboard with the bigger and softer wheels of a longboard.  Is this going to do everything that your skateboard would do at the skatepark?  No.  But, will your skateboard get you to the store rolling effortlessly over cracks, rocks and rough patches?  NO.  So, you get yourself a cruiser skateboard when you want something that is lighter, smaller and more nimble than a longboard.

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L: 28.5″ | W: 8″ | WB: 14.6″

Artist: Bene Rohlmann


Dragons really do like to party. The classic Dinghy shape has been a staple of our line-up for many years now and is still the first board we grab for a quick rip to the store or around the neighbourhood.We design our trucks and wheels to fit perfectly with each individual deck. We work tirelessly to ensure these elements come together to provide the best control and performance for your board.

No slop, all control. Don’t accept anything less than the perfect complete.

100% Canadian Maple
Low Concave
Sanded Wheel Wells


Old-School Playful Lively Challenging CasualApproachable Practical


Agile Responsive Surfy Poppy Drifty


City Street Alley Path Beach CampusAll-Terrain


Every-Day Commuter Beer-Run Multi-PurposeHybrid Pusher Slasher Cruiser Carver


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