10.1″ Heroin Skateboards- Eyeballer Holographic DECK


We’re not total pussies so we DO have Heroin Skateboards.  But, wisely, NO Heroin.  That $hit is for total pussies!

Only 1 left in stock


  • 10.125 x 30.25
  • 15.0 Wheelbase
  • 7 Ply North American Hard Rock Maple
  • Includes 1 sheet of black grip
  • Length 30.25″
  • Razor Edge
  • Hologram Foil

Razor Edge Construction

Perfect for Vert, Old School Street Skating or a shaped cruiser!

*You are going to NEED 10″ wide grip for this deck so grab some, the 9″ WILL NOT FIT!



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